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Elizabeth Warren's Statement On Impeachment Is Guaranteed To P***s Off Establishment.

God bless Elizabeth Warren because the Democratic establishment will surely damn her to hell.

Elizabeth Warren: Congress ‘Is Complicit’ for Failing to Impeach Trump

Here is the part where Democrats who are anti-impeachment and think that Warren is too far left start to hurl the same tired old arguments I have been reading for months now.  In fact, let me see if I can state them for you to save us all time:

  • Americans are against impeachment.  Look at the latest poll.
  • Only Democrats are in favor of impeachment, so Warren is pandering.  See above link.
  • Speaker Pelosi and the other Democrats in the House are doing their do diligence and investigating Trump.  The progressive Democrats are just impatient.
  • Once Democrats have laid out all the information from their investigations of Trump, the American voters will make the ultimate decision on Trump’s fate.
  • Besides, what Democrat ran on impeachment or accountability in 2018?  Show me where they ran on holding Trump accountable?
  • Anyway, impeachment will only make Trump political STRONGER when the Republicans in the U.S. Senate fail to convict Trump.  And Democrats who push for impeachment will only guarantee a Trump reelection and the loss of the House.

Did I miss anything?

And how many times has it been pointed out that when congress first started impeachment hearings against Nixon that it was very unpopular?  How many times have it been said that the Watergate hearings educated the American public to Nixon’s crime and made impeachment possible?  I’ve lost count, but the anti-impeachment crowd glosses over this every time.

Yes, Democrats favor impeachment by 70% in the latest poll.  But it is supposedly pandering whenever a Democratic candidate acknowledges that a majority of Democrats are in favor of an impeachment inquiry into Trump.  Going along with what a majority of your voters support.  What a novel idea.  Could it explain why Warren has been growing in strength?  I think so.

Impatience.  I love that charge.  I know that is bogus because I’ve been seeing criticism of the lack of urgency from House Democrats by even the likes of — what for it — Claire McCaskill.  Ms. failed moderate senator even criticized Nadler’s slow walking issuing subpoenas.  

And even Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff in his latest statement on the intelligence whistleblower has alluded to this glacial process of investigations:

I would imagine if it comes down that we have to go to court to get this, we will have a very good case to seek a temporary restraining order or … some urgent form of relief because the inspector general has said this cannot wait.

So this is not a situation where we can afford to go through weeks or months of litigation in this court or that court. There is an urgency here that I think the courts will recognize. I hope that’s not necessary. And I hope that the director of national intelligence will reconsider. Because it’s my understanding that by law, he can provide this to us, and indeed, by law he is required to provide this to us…

We will look at whatever remedies we have including when the Director of National Intelligence comes to the Congress for authorization to reprogram funds for one purpose or another, we will look to whether he is abiding by the law in making a decision about those requests.

Emboldened is mine.

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And Schiff is one careful politician.  He’s not a bomb thrower.

And waiting for the election for the voters to weigh in on Trump’s criminality is just craven.  We are going to allow Trump to continue to go unchecked for over a year?  That is a winning message to the voters.  “Don’t look at us Democrats to TRY and stop Trump, but vote Democratic!”  

Oh, and I am not sure where the hell this came from, but I have had some comments of “What Democrats ran on accountability?” Give me a source!  Why Nancy Pelosi for one!

Pelosi and other top House Democratic leaders say their other top responsibility is to oversee how Trump administration officials have managed federal agencies and changed government regulations. They also will launch a batch of investigations into Trump, his family and his business dealings.

Democratic committee chairs will have the power to call top Trump administration officials to appear at hearings to answer questions about their actions. They also can create special select committees to gather fresh facts on broader issues such as Russian interference in U.S. elections and how climate change policy has shifted since Trump took office.

Democrats may not have promised an impeachment of Trump, but they promised accountability.

You know how tired I am of this last point:  Trump will only be stronger if there is impeachment.  What proof do you have for that?  Yes, if Democrats do not have the votes for impeachment, it will make Democrats look weak and in disarray.  But given the rampant corruption and immorality of the Trump Administration, to not find the votes to impeach Trump sends a signal of weakness to Democratic voters.  And if Democratic voters are discouraged, they have proven not to show up and vote for Democrats.  

I think that Elizabeth Warren has show some real courage on this and many other issues.  It’s why I support her.  And given how often Democratic voters bitch, moan, and complain that we do not have leaders who are willing to take stands, I would think that we would support anyone willing to show some strength of character.

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