I am not a fan of Biden. I believe he may relieve Trump as a symptom but he will not stop our society’s slide into oblivion. That said I believe he has one more test and it is by far his biggest one. He must emerge from the March 15 debate relatively unscathed. Biden has been well protected during his run. He has not had that many interviews. The debates were large and unwieldy and he was not often the main target. What Biden will face from Trump and his minions will be brutal. We need to know how Biden will respond to the constant hectoring by Trump but also by the media.

The best debater in the democratic party, perhaps in the United States, the one who can hold his feet to the fire in ways few can is Elizabeth Warren. It will be her instinct I think to hold back, because Joe is essentially a nice guy and Elizabeth Warren is the most decent person I have ever seen run for office. I hope she does not. Our society hangs in the balance. We have to know how Joe Biden responds under fire. She will not even use his weakest point, his son Hunter (which she shouldn’t because it is bogus, but it will also be the biggest issue in the Fall) but she needs to hammer him on Iraq, on the crime bill, on bargaining social security and a host of other issues that Trump will bring up relentlessly. If Biden survives (I mean really survives, not bullshit spin) I think he has a clear path. If he does not, chaos ensues. But this is too important. WE NEED TO KNOW HOW WELL BIDEN CAN HOLD UP. Elizabeth Warren needs to be on that debate stage March 15.

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