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Elizabeth Warren did not fall for Stephanopoulos’ Socialism trap

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Elizabeth Warren did not allow ThisWeek’s George Stephanopoulos to do Joe Biden’s dirty work by having her tag and confront Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism. Her answers were smart, factual, and perfect.

The Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders alliance remains intact

It was clear that ABC ThisWeek’s George Stephanopoulos was doing Joe Biden’s dirty work the way he posed the socialism question to Elizabeth Warren.

“I was talking to Vice President Biden about this, is that Republicans control the Senate right now,” Stephanopoulos said. “And he was making the case that it’s going to be much, much harder for the Democrats to take control of the Senate if there’s a Democratic socialist at the top of the ticket.  You didn’t take the opportunity to take that on Friday night.”

Elizabeth Warren’s answer was right on point.

“So, look, I am not — I am a capitalist. I’m a — I believe in markets. This is what I talk about all the time,” Warren replied as she caught herself from falling into Stephanopoulos trap of what-she-is-not-ism. “There are areas where markets don’t work, like in health care and in education. But there are a lot of areas where markets do work, and that’s what gives us innovation and that’s what creates opportunity and that’s what can grow wealth. But, markets need rules. Markets without rules are theft. So it’s a big part of what I’m running on. I want to see an America of opportunity. And that means we need a market economy that it’s got to be a market economy that’s fair and that everybody gets to play. That means we need a president who’s willing to enforce our antitrust laws, which I’m ready to do.”

That is the way one does it. She hits the actuality of capitalism and then redefines what people know an economy should be. Call it whatever you will.

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