Economist Dean Baker exposes pharmaceuticals, Fox News caves, Pundit on autocrat Trump, more

Dr. Dean Baker sheds important light on the COVID-19 vaccine economics. Fox News backtrack voter machines, & autocrat Trump exposed.

Dr. Dean Baker articulates an unfortunate truth.

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  • The lying Fox News was forced to come clean. But it is too late for too many who were vested in believing the lies. These guys should be held accountable not just for a correction but for the damage they have caused the country.
  • Anand Giridharadas said it, had Trump been a smart autocrat; he would have proven how easy America could’ve become an autocracy.
  • I read this article with trepidation because Democrats can easily win 60% just being who we say we are. Republicans lie about what Democrats will do to them. Democrats tell Americans what Republicans won’t allow them to do for them.
  • The worldwide distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines exposes the immorality of our current economic system. Dr. Dean Baker sheds important light.

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  • December 21, 2020