Eagle, drone killer of Lake Michigan demonstrates air superiority


Nature rules, because there are naturalism arguments.

Hunter King, a drone pilot at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), was monitoring an area of the lake near the state’s Upper Peninsula. Then bad stuff happened.

  • “It was like a really bad rollercoaster ride,” said the drone pilot.
  • Data from the flight records showed the eagle strike occurred 162 feet above the water.
  • The lost drone will be replaced with a newer model.
In the wild, any day could be your last.

A shoreline-mapping EGLE drone learned this lesson the hard way when a bald eagle attack tore off a propeller and sent it plummeting to its death in the depths of Lake Michigan — never to be seen again.


Police in the Netherlands plan to use trained eagles to keep drones from flying in areas where they’re not allowed.


Police in The Netherlands were the first to come up with the idea of using raptors to intercept drones, inducting bald eagles into the service in late 2015. The French army followed suit last year, but it opted for the golden eagle — a natural-born killer with a hooked beak, amber eyes and a wingspan of up to 2.2 metres (seven feet).


  • August 16, 2020