E. Jean Carroll is ready for her day in court with Donald Trump: ‘I think of it every day’

Donald Trump’s lawyers argued for years that he couldn’t be sued because he was kinda-sorta president or something. Apparently you don’t actually have to do the job to retain the title. It’s like if you were the curly fry guy at Arby’s and all you did all day was eat the customers’ orders. You’re technically still the fry guy, but all you’re really doing is getting in the way of other people’s lunch.

That was Trump’s presidency, essentially. He used his office as a cudgel and a shield, but when it came time to address actual crises, he was like a Navy SEAL who couldn’t resist lighting his farts during covert missions. But, hey, he got a lot of attention, didn’t he?

Well, it looks like he might get some more soon because, in case you hadn’t heard, he’s not president anymore.

  • February 23, 2021