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Dunkin' Donuts employee calls police on woman for speaking Somali

Another case of driving/walking/speaking/eating/blinking/converting oxygen into carbon dioxide/ordering doughnuts while black.

Seriously, why do so many white people glitch out over human beings speaking languages other than Arkansas English? I can’t understand half of Donald Trump’s gibberish, and I don’t see people ever calling the cops on him.

From NBC:

A student activist said a Dunkin' employee in Portland, Maine, refused service and called police on her after a dispute started because she was speaking Somali with her family.

Hamdia Ahmed, 20, said she and her family were having a conversation in their car while waiting in the Dunkin' drive-thru on Monday when the employee working at the window asked them to stop yelling.

“We were just speaking in our native language. We weren’t yelling,” Ahmed told NBC News.

Ahmed captured the resulting argument on video, which she posted to Twitter.

“You’re going to disrespect me ‘cause I speak a different language than you. Is that what it is?” Ahmed asked the employee in the video.

The employee immediately responded with a threat to call the police.

“You can leave. I don’t want to hear it. I’m done with it. You can leave or I will call the cops,” she can be heard saying in the short video.

Police arrived within five minutes and issued Ahmed a no trespassing notice, barring her from going to the store for a year.

The reason police listed for the notice was “disturbance — yelling at staff.”

The store owner eventually apologized to Ahmed and had the police order rescinded, but not before the employee made our entire country look like assholes yet again.

When will this cavalcade of absurdities end?


Here’s Ahmed’s tweet, which includes a snippet of her conversation with the overzealous doughnut-monger. Listen if you have the stomach for it:



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