The Malignant Mangoface, who can’t keep his lies consistent for two sentences, thinks he doesn’t need to prep for his first debate with Joe Biden. (Any bets on whether there will be a second?) That’s because he has repeatedly and persistently swallowed his own flavor-aid when it comes to Biden, or “Sleepy Joe” as Trump likes to call him. His advisers have been telling him he has to build up expectations that Biden will do well, so that any mistakes he makes will take him down. Trump remembers that half the time, but the other half he goes back to his alternate reality where Biden is a chump who will turn into jelly the minute Trump unleashes his rhetoric on him.

Tonight in Pennsylvania was a classic example:

Trump targets Biden's mental health in debate lead-up, despite aides' efforts to raise expectations

At a campaign rally Saturday night in Pennsylvania, the president both attacked Biden as “dumb” before immediately lauding him as an experienced debater. “He’s a dumb guy. Always known as a dumb guy. But we look forward to seeing him in the debate. He's got a lot more experience. He's got 47 years. I’ve got 3 1/2 years. So we'll see. But he's got 47 years of experience.”

At this point, Biden could win the debate by just standing there with folded arms and let Trump debate himself.

When asked on Saturday by reporters if he plans to go on the attack Tuesday night, the president said, “Well, I can't tell you what I'm going to do,” before adding, “I mean, I don't know … I have no idea.”

Well, we do have some hints about what Trump plans to do: he plans to attack Biden through his family, especially Hunter. (No doubt Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric are helping him game this out.) Since Trump telegraphs his punches like no one has since Samuel Morse, we can be confident Biden has practiced how to respond (or not respond). But there is evidence some of Trump’s minions are equally delusional:

While some advisers tell ABC News they're nervous as the president enters his first debate since his encounters with Hillary Clinton four years ago — with Biden having participated in nearly a dozen debates leading up to clinching the Democratic nomination — others are anticipating a knockout performance by the president and expect the debate to help highlight the former vice president's gaffes, sources familiar said.

Some advisers close to the president were pleased he took part in a town hall earlier this month with ABC News seeing it as a rare moment to interact with voters, some who challenged him, and a helpful way to prepare him for the debates.

Seriously? Were they watching the same town hall? I’m calling my broker to order more popcorn futures.