trump moving

and yes by using ALL CAPS I am SHOUTING


By now everyone knows about the improper/illegal arrest of an American born citizen by ICE who even when documentation was provided to prove he was totally legal and a citizen was held for well several weeks.

But how about this:  a 9 year old fourth grader who is a citizen was arrested by ICE and held for several days,

Understand what is going on —  ICE is establishing the predicate to arrest ANYONE — even if you are carrying your US Passport with you  — on suspicion of being in the country illegally.

So will we see massive arrests in the day or two before election day in 2020, especially in competitive states?
Might we see people arrested as they are online to vote, with the intention of intimidating others who might worry they might get illegally arrested?

Will we see a massive ICE presence in heavily Latino precincts in states like AZ, NV, NM, and even NC, GA,  TX,  etc  ????

Remember that in NJ, Jim Florio lost reelection as Governor to Tom Kaine at least in part because of Republican challenges to people on line to vote in minority precincts asking if they were entitled to vote, etc.

Also remember, people scoffed at the idea that Trump would have a “deportation force.”  As what do you think ICE is now functioning?

And beyond thart —  what is there now to stop Trump from using ICE to target political critics and opponents?

Make of this what you will…..

  • July 26, 2019