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drumpfJugend: Superspreader-Trump at mega-church in AZ on Tuesday 23 June

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Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA is doing a convention for Trump Youth and IMPOTUS* is a featured speaker on Tuesday. 





Turning Point Action Launches 2020 Expansion, Acquires ‘Students for Trump’

PHOENIX, July 2, 2019— Charlie Kirk, founder and president of the nation’s largest and fastest growing student organization, is officially expanding a sister 501(c)(4) organization, Turning Point Action, with the acquisition of “Students for Trump” along with all associated media assets.

Dream City Church in north Phoenix,

PHOENIX — President Donald Trump is expected to visit the Valley for a June 23 event, his second of multiple planned campaign stops in the coming weeks.

Last week, Trump announced that he would resume attending events across the nation, including the upcoming visit to Phoenix. His first stop will be on Saturday, June 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This is the third time Trump has visited the Valley so far this year — in February he held a rally in downtown Phoenix, and, most recently, visited a local Honeywell mask facility on May 5.

As Arizona continues to see a rapid increase in coronavirus cases, health experts have discouraged gatherings of 10 or more people and recommended wearing masks if you cannot properly follow social distancing guidelines. Many experts worry that large gatherings like protests and rallies will continue to worsen the spread of the virus.

Before coming to Phoenix, Trump is holding a rally in Tulsa, where everyone in attendance will have to sign a waiver stating, “By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.”…


for the RCP rather than the RCP, Biden is doing well in polling


We’re still fighting garbage RW nutters, rather than refusing or rubbishing fascism, but there’s good news from the RCP rather than the RCP.


IMPOTUS* remains confident that some hidden number of Trump voters will emerge on November 3, 2020 to carry him to victory.





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