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drumpf Belatedly Trying to Court the Doggo Demo.

After years of using derogatory language towards dogs, applying that language to people he doesn’t like and also being the first president since McKinley not to have one livening up the White House, drumpf is now courting the woozle vote:

Yes, dumba**, that good girl is a hero, but by blowing her cover you have probably cost her her career and consigned her handler to a stint in the motor pool.

The military protects the privacy of both to protect them from enemy retaliation and to cloak methods, locations and procedures from would be targets.

That good girl got all the thanks she needed when the handler, whose life she protected, got her back to base, rubbed her head affectionately and threw a sirloin on the grill…she doesn’t need your faked admiration.

But you don’t really know how dogs work anyway do you? 

After all you once accused Marco Rubio of “sweating like a dog” at a GOP debate.

Dogs don’t sweat, idiot.

But they do love others, they are courageous, loyal, faithful, honorable and fun to be around, qualities all that you lack so glaringly.

Stop using them to pretend that you are human.

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