If the cops walk in, while I am in the middle of a bank robbery and I pull off my mask, drop my gun and shout, I was not robbing the bank!; the cops should let me go. If anyone questions my logic my excuse-makers would tell you, the bank kept their money, the gun did not go off, and eventually, other customers made withdrawals, so let him go. As ridiculous as that scenario sounds that is exactly what the Republicans are arguing. Donald Trump’s bribery mask was pulled off, he dropped his scheme, after being exposed, and Ukraine got their promised quid, so let him go.

To complicate the matter, one of the Congressman [Devin Nunes] trusted to decide if the charges that would Impeach the President are valid, is now embroiled in possibly furthering the scheme. So, if this were an old gangster movie, the perp was caught before opening the vault, the cops took him in, the judge tampered with the evidence and let the crook walk.  Big Donny’s congressional legal team, ‘Informal Jim,’ ‘Johnny the Rat,’ and Brad the ‘Sawbones,’ acted as co-counsels and character witnesses. It is difficult when you see learned men acting stupidly, ignoring facts or are being purposely obtuse. They are so disrespectful of their voters, that telling them big lies is a funny sidebar to the Trump reality show.

The Republicans tried to turn the solemn responsibility of Impeachment into an entertainment exercise. They opened and closed with statements about ratings, who was boring, and signs and posters worthy of a circus sideshow; filled with lies, exaggerated fairy tales, and balloon sized fonts.  The Republican Party, with its tacit dismissal of Mr. Trump's wandering thought process, is not only setting up its’ party but the country for a stupendous fall. This week alone, his ham-handed tampering with the chain of command of the Navy, by excusing a convicted criminal, forced the resignation of the Navy Secretary.  

The Supreme Court has become so partisan that Joe the Plumber can render a ruling because they are no longer based on the rule of law but instead liberal or conservative politics.  We are going downhill at one-hundred miles an hour with threadbare brake lines. Eventually, that fraying will lead to a crash. The Trump-made divide has become so large and so crass that, deserved or not, the First Lady, Melania Trump, was booed in what was billed as the B’More Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness in Baltimore, Maryland by a group of children who should have visions of sugar plums and not sour grapes dancing in their heads. Of course, this was the aftermath of her husband’s insult of one of the state’s favorite sons, the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, and declaring that Baltimore is a rat-infested hellhole.    

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow and being thankful is hard to fathom in the current climate. Talk of turkey on a platter and pie in the fridge has been replaced by jokes of the turkey in the White House and the coldness of his policy.  Families are making pledges; that if Trump’s name comes up let us change the subject. I am asking a favor, overeat, laugh too much, tell the grandkids the same stories you repeat every year, watch too much football and fall asleep in the bosom of your family and friend’s love.

Happy Thanksgiving.      

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