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Droning on with the Lies

Unlike the title suggest, the configuration of race and war in the immediate future may have a new facade. I fear a new war, but not because of any perceived weakness on the part of the United States or the capabilities of its’ fighting men. In fact, my nephew has signed up for service in the United States Army; two weeks after his high school graduation.  Next week, the 26th and 27th of June will be the first two Democratic debates, and because of what we know about the mentality of the President he would launch a retaliatory attack against Iran on either the 25th or the 28th. Why, because for the reality tv President, capturing the ratings at the expense of lives is not beyond the dishonorable thinking of a dishonorable man. What better way to destroy the ideas of competition from potential opponents than by wagging the dog?

My second concern is of an influx of neo-Nazis, Klansman and other militia groups signing up in droves to please their man, Trump. Having these men being able to kill, maim, and commit atrocities under the banner of U.S. legality would be disastrous for the future of this country.  The President has already expressed a desire to pardon and excuse war criminals, because they are ‘our’ guys, despite overwhelming evidence of their guilt and cruelty.  It may seem a far leap to say that these men, who after military service, will be highly trained American-racial-xenophobic terrorist, but before you dismiss this notion as paranoia, remember in 2009 the Department of Homeland Security warned the country of a rise in homegrown conservative terrorism.  

The report was legitimate and the analysts who put together the information were so dismissed by a burgeoning right-wing media and the Republican leadership that the warning died in the haze of resistance to self-examination and truth. Since 2002 white right-wing terrorism has killed more Americans than jihadist or their sympathizers.  I refuse to identify these cowards, but the list of names grows year by year.  Amid the upheaval since Mr. Trump descended the escalator and arose in the Oval Office, America has been on a mutual collision course of racial animus, and indecency, and if Mr. Trump stays in office the indecency crash is inevitable.  

I hate living a life that makes me warn my children and grandchildren about, LWB [living while black]; but what choice do I have?  Groups like the pin-headed proud boys who appoint themselves guardians of the golden Trump gate and flash gang signs while marching to his rallies compromise my freedoms, again I ask what choice do I have? I remember the justified attacks on the behavior of violent street gangs like the Bloods and Crips; even the NBA and NFL warned its’ players not to emulate gang signage in any way, before during or after games.  Some brought up the argument of free expression, but I had no problems not wanting to advertise hate, viciousness, and intolerance using the excuse of it being cultural identification.

It is time all who consider yourselves white allies to stop using euphemisms and call these people hateful—racist and search for legal ways to screen them from military service. The only thing worse than a racist is a trained racist with a rifle.

Vote in 2020 for Change.  

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