Dr. Fauci did not disappoint as he calmly made it clear that Senator Rand Paul, supposedly a doctor of some type, is nothing but a quack. And he did it civilly.

Dr. Anthony Fauci showed who is the real doctor

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Rand Paul must have thought that he could misinform America about COVID-19’s real numbers and the rationale for locking down by intertwining Sweden’s death rates isolated to that of several Northeastern states near the beginning of their crises.

Dr. Anthony Fauci would have none of it. He made it clear that Rand Paul was playing the numbers by comparing the wrong population sets.

What was amazing to see was that a Senator who claims he is a doctor of some type was buying into the concept of herd immunity from natural infection instead of instigated by a vaccine. The thing is that we do not even know if one develops longlasting immunity from the natural disease. That said, he seemed not even to understand the number required for real herd immunity.

Many times we are hard on those on the Right. One of the problems is when the people they trust are so misinforming them, it is hard for those they “fear” to convince them otherwise unless one finds a way to enter their circle of trust before even attempting to talk about any issues of consequence.

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