Dr. Eliz Markowitz (D. TX) Has Gov. Greg Abbott (R. TX) Terrified That She Could Flip TX State House

Received this e-mail from Dr. Eliz Markowitz’s (D. TX-HD28) campaign for the upcoming special election:

Earlier this week, Governor Greg Abbott sent an urgent memo to Republicans that once again shows the lengths that Republicans are willing to go to stop the Blue Wave's momentum here in Texas:


The Republican machine is once again resorting to distortions and outright lies meant to stir up confusion and make voters stay home on Election Day.

The Governor’s direct involvement in this race makes our road tougher — and we need your help fighting back. This is a make-or-break moment for us. Can you chip in $28 right now so we can respond to Governor Abbott's attack and help Eliz defeat her Republican opponent on January 28th?

Governor Abbott is right about ONE thing: Texas Republicans are clinging to power by just 9 seats. We’re SO close to making history and securing a huge win for working families here in Fort Bend and across the state — and taking back the majority in the state legislature for the first time since 2001!

We can reclaim the majority in Austin, and it starts with winning on January 28th. Chip in $28 right now to flip District 28 — and Texas — blue in 2020!

— Team Eliz

Click here to donate to Dr. Markowtiz’s campaign.

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