Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude shares the shock many shared for the overwhelming support black voters gave to Joe Biden in South Carolina in support of the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. He acknowledges as well that the Latino time bomb may have exploded. He recently appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

Dr. Eddie Glaude on the South Carolina

“This is what's interesting here, Eddie Glaude Jr.,” Chuck Todd said. “Is that we may be seeing the Democratic Party basically split right in half with two different coalitions. Bernie Sanders leading a liberal Latino Coalition, Joe Biden leading a moderate African American coalition.”

“Yeah, that is so fascinating for me, mind-blowing actually,” Eddie Glaude Jr. replied. “And in some ways, I would have never imagined, although I understand the data, that African Americans would in some ways be the firewall for the moderate wing of the Democratic Party.”

But Dr. Glaude would not end there as he understands that this reality is mind-boggling. He does apply a particular caution.

“To me, that is just stunning news,” Eddie Glaude Jr. continued. “But let's be clear. I think we're in the South. South Carolina's a unique space. So to think about the African American vote as kind of monolithic in that way, I think we need to be careful there, particularly as we move out of a particular side of the South. But let's be clear here too, Latino voters, that time bomb that everyone thought was about to explode has exploded. We're going to see them having an impact on the election cycle.”

Many progressives are upset with the voters in South Carolina, especially the black voters. The policies by the moderate Democrats have done little to stem the progression of the middle-class to poverty, criminal justice reform, or serious health care reform. Yes, they may have slowed the demise but they have no intentions in making the necessary structural changes to the economy to remove its formidable bias towards the wealthy. The fact that they are opposed to Medicare for All and other social policies on the false premise of cost is reprehensible for which they must be called out constantly.

Those of us who are progressives need to redouble our efforts to respectfully inform. We must earn the trust of these people who have been hoodwinked by the plutocracy and their wards.

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