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Dowd At NY Times pries open C.I.A.'s Pandora's Box. Gee, no torture. Nothing there but heroism.

MoDo celebrates Easter as always: a turn at stylish whining.

“Good Riddance, Carrie Mathison”

This “Carrie Mathison” is the lead character, played by Claire Danes, in the “Homeland” television series. Here's the core sentiment, dressed up as a logical argument:

“The problem is that [corporate media] portray most women in such a one-dimensional way; whatever the character flaw is, that’s all they are,” said Gina Bennett, a slender, thoughtful mother of five who has been an analyst in the Counterterrorism Center [at C.I.A.] over the course of 25 years and who first began sounding the alarm about Osama bin Laden back in 1993.
“It can leave a very distinct understanding of women at the agency — how we function, how we relate to men, how we engage in national security — that is pretty off,” Bennett said. She was sitting in a conference room at Langley decorated with photos of a memorial for the seven C.I.A. officers — including Bennett’s close friend Jennifer Matthews — who were blown up in 2009 by a Jordanian double agent [at Camp Chapman] in Khost, Afghanistan.

Agreed Sandra Grimes, a perky 69-year-old blonde who helped unmask her C.I.A. colleague Aldrich Ames as a double agent for the Russians after noticing that he had traded up from a battered Volvo to a Jaguar: “I wish they wouldn’t use centerfold models in tight clothes. We don’t look that way. And we don’t act that way.”

One can take exception to characterizing Claire Danes as a “centerfold model.” What? She's supposed to be a dumbass with big tits?
Claire's gracefully flat chested and absolutely lovely. IB from Lycée Français de Los Angeles, two years at Yale drama. A film “Juliet” for the ages and IQ=140.

Which altogether put her at the center ring of my notion of a female intelligence stratosphere. For more of the same try Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

The big point: Dowd interviews C.I.A. women, writes up a recent history. But what's important is complaining about sexy spies on the t.v.

MoDo glorifies the C.I.A.'s Jennifer Mathews — dead at Camp Chapman in Khost — but she carefully avoids addressing what that C.I.A. crew had been doing through the years.

MoDo gives a clear miss to what happened back then. That the hunt for bin Laden was stymied for years as they got lost doing torture.

That C.I.A. crew are seen today, officially, as American heroes. After all, the 7 of them were killed by an al-Qaeda suicide bomber. Their C.I.A. bosses in Pakistan are never mentioned.

Heroes, yes to the trumpets; but of torture? Letting torture screw up finding bin Laden? Not a word.

Still, a somewhat different opinion exists. If does rely on facts. Timeline.

That will be presented below the fold, if you are interested. Also a skosh more about Claire & Friends….