Don't touch that dial.

Don't touch that dial

Those of you who check in on me regularly, like a parent whose kid has the measles, know that is one of my favorrte pet phrases. I use it to end an article when I have a srong feeling that I'll be circling back around to that subject again, as future developments warrant, like Rachel Maddow's “Stick a pin in this,”

Well, this time I mean it. Seriously. No shit. Don't touch that dial. Because, on Sunday, I received an out-of-the-blue e-mail. It was from the executive producer from 21st century radio,a station serving the Baltimore-Washington DC area. Apparently, one of the hosts, and station co-founders, Dr Zohara Hieronimus, has been reading my musings for quite some time now, and she thought it would be a good idea to give me a greater forum. To me, this seems kind of like giving His Lowness a 12 pack of diet coke, a fresh sharpie, and a stack of blank Executive Orders, but I trust her, after all, she's a doctor.

So, there you have it The show is scheduled to run from 9-10 PM EDT this Sunday, July 29th. So go ahead, I double dare you. To read me is bad enough. To have to listen to me? Fuggedaboudit! You can access the interview live by going to the station website, linked below, and clicking on the “Listen live” button on the upper left corner of the page.

Seriously, I want to thank Daily Kos, and Politizoom, for giving me the platform to speak, and God knows Dr Zohara for giving me the opportunity. I'm really looking forward to it, and I promise, I'll try my best not to live down to expectations. Don't touch that dial.

The wait is over! Volume two of the trilogy, President Evil II: A Clodwork Orange is now available. Amazon is whining about me crashing their site, but the hell with them, I ain't in this for their health. You can also find volume one, President Evil as well. And fear not, work on volume three is just beginning.