Don’t be spoofed by the Virginia governor race. Evette Avery fights for workers.


Is the Virginia race really a bellwether? Hell no. It’s based on a farce. Union activist Evette Avery talks about fighting for workers

Evette Avery is on point.


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  • Evette Avery, The fight for Organized Labor in Atlanta and beyond: Politics Done Right (PDR) welcomed real estate expert and activist journalist Robby Caban to interview Evette Avery about her ordeal at Delta and UPS. Evette did not disappoint. Evette first discussed the ordeal she went through when she was fired by Delta on false pretenses. We discussed it as well in a previous interview with PDR.
  • ‘So We Drop What’s Most Popular?’ Sanders Asks Democrats: “When 41% of the American people tell us that their top priority is for us to expand Medicare to include dental and vision benefits… what should we do? We should listen to the people.” Sanders was referring to a proposal to add dental and vision benefits to Medicare coverage, a plan that U.S. voters identified as their top priority for Democrats’ emerging reconciliation package, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Tuesday.

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  • November 2, 2021
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