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Donald Trump Jr. on Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse: 'We all do stupid things at 17'

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Donald Trump Jr. is flogging his new book Liberal Privilege — about how the media and other establishment types give liberals a pass on everything — and during an interview to plug it, he said of right-wing Trump-supporting Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, “We all do stupid things when we’re 17.”

Among the things Donald Trump Jr. clearly doesn’t understand — logic, writing, beards — irony is near the top of the list.



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DONALD TRUMP JR.: “If I put myself in Kyle Rittenhouse — maybe I shouldn’t have been there, he’s a young kid, I don’t want 17-year-olds running around the street with AR-15s. Maybe I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation, who knows, but we all do stupid things at 17.”

INTERVIEWER: [Laughs] “I think it was a little bit beyond stupid.”

TRUMP: “Really stupid, fine. But we all have to let that process play out and let due process take its course.”

A few observations:

1) As far as I know, this clip hasn’t been sped up. He’s really talking that fast. I can only assume the coke spoon went in so far it scraped the speech centers of his brain.

2) “If I put myself in Kyle Rittenhouse”? Please don’t. 

3) Maybe he wouldn’t have put himself in that situation? You mean there’s a plausible scenario in which one of the top executives in the Trump Organization might have traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a high-powered rifle and started firing at protesters?

4) Again, his book is about how liberals get away with everything. Apparently Chuck Schumer was out massacring people in the parking lot of a Trump rally. We just never heard about it because of, you know, the liberal media.

And there you have it. Another day in Trumpland, where you never have to say you’re sorry.

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