Yes, Junior, it’s the usual B.S. — i.e., no one outside of the Republican National Committee wants to buy your book, and no one who can actually afford a plane ticket and/or a $9 bag of trail mix would be caught dead holding it. 

So, yeah, whine some more, Little Lord Fauntleroy.



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So what would you call someone who writes like a prairie chicken with four feet of rebar stuck in its head and who nevertheless thinks his “book” deserves a coveted slot in airport bookstores? Maybe … uh … “triggered”?

It’s the No. 1 book because Daddy told the RNC and the other Trump-cult satellites to buy it in bulk. Most people would rather be seen walking around the airport with a flamethrower and a crate full of hand grenades. 

Full disclosure: I haven’t read it. But for some reason I’m guessing it’s not exactly Voltaire.

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