Actually, the sickening fawning that Trump lathers onto Kim Jong Un after the alleged murder of an American citizen, while continuing to develop nuclear weapons, is far more disgraceful than anything Dennis Rodman has ever done in North Korea. Rodman became a sniveling sycophant to Kim, but he was just considered a joke by the Obama administration. Trump, instead, decided to follow his lead and seemingly let him guide his foreign policy in the region.

This latest stunt at the DMZ comes immediately after Trump’s embarrassing performance at the G20. All the leaders rebuked him on the Paris accords, he made an idiot of himself in front of Putin again, and he debasing himself with gushing over the Saudi Prince. Trump even told MLS he was doing a “spectacular job” after he ordered the torture and murder of an American paper’s journalist. So Trump being Trump, and desperate to change the narrative, he decided to go to North Korea to bow and scrape again to Kim Jong Un, just so he can pretend to be close to a deal that will never happen.

The letter below from the “Desk of Dennis Rodman,” which was lavishly praised by the Trumps, contains a line that exposes Donald’s real obsession over North Korea.

You are on the cusp of a big, beautiful deal. One that would make you the front runner for a Nobel Peace Prize without question.


As Fareed Zakaria correctly noted, Trump wants the Nobel Peace Prize—badly.

He consistently exaggerates the crisis with North Korea, repeatedly saying, without any truth, that without him we’d already be at war with Kim Jong Un. Thankfully, Trump always “swoops in” and saves the day.

  • June 30, 2019