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White House counsel Don McGahn, who has shepherded Kavanaugh's nomination since president Trump chose him for the high court on July 9, is taking the lead for the White House in dealing with the FBI on the investigation, those involved in the process told NBC News.

“A U.S. official briefed on the matter said its not unusual for the White House to set the parameters of an FBI background check for a presidential nominee. The FBI had no choice but to agree to these terms, the sources told NBC News, because it is conducting the background investigation on behalf of the White House. (snip)

But as of now, the FBI cannot ask the supermarket that employed Judge for records verifying when he was employed there, one of the sources was told. Ford said in congressional testimony Thursday that those records would help her narrow the time frame of the alleged incident which she recalls happening some time in the summer of 1982 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Two sources familiar with the investigation said the FBI will also not be able to examine why Kavanaugh’s account of his drinking at Yale University differs from those of some former classmates, who have said he was known as a heavy drinker. Those details may be pertinent to investigating claims from Ramirez who described an alleged incident of sexual misconduct she said occurred while Kavanaugh was inebriated. Ramirez's lawyer said Saturday that she had been contacted by the FBI and would cooperate.

The conditions under which the FBI's reopened background check are occurring appears to differ from the one envisioned by Flake, who used his leverage as a swing vote to pressure the Trump administration to order the FBI investigation.”

The FBI is a branch of the Justice Department, and should be independent of the White House no matter who ordered the investigation.

But I guess drumpf can’t trust Sessions, who won’t fix Russia for him, to fix the FBI investigation.

That the FBI cannot check with Judge’s employer, Safeway Market, to corroborate Dr. Ford’s testimony is a farce, but comes as no surprise, as corroboration of the dates of his employment would possibly pinpoint the July 1st entry on Kavanaugh’s calendar as the date of the attack on her…


And not being allowed to corroborate Rameriz’s testimony of Kavanaugh’s drinking at Yale makes it harder to substantiate her claim.


We have to scream at the top of our lungs, folks, so the mainstream media can hear us.

If the fix is in, we have to yank it out. 

Sign up for a MoveOn Kavanaugh protest here.

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