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Don Jr. pushes dumb conspiracy theory about CNN, gets spanked like a little boy

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Donald Trump Jr. is about one flickering brain cell away from being a really unpopular Muppet, and the zeal with which he gloms onto random conspiracy theories (a la  his dough-brained father) is further proof of that.

The latest? Because a photo exists of Anderson Cooper standing waist-deep in water several feet from his cameraman — who isn’t waist-deep — everything CNN reports is a baldfaced lie.


How is it that Fredo can run a major transnational real estate corporation and not know that the ground is sometimes higher in certain places than in others?

Try harder, dude. At least anti-vaxxers have a fake study to lean on. Your theory relies on people not knowing that the planet is full of ramps and hills.

Not sure why he needed to, but Cooper quickly debunked this nonsense.

From CNN:

Cooper said on air that he rarely responds to conspiracy theorists, but “in the interest of honesty and transparency,” he decided to explain what the pictures show and debunk the fake news claim.
“This was not Hurricane Florence,” Cooper said. “This was taken 10 years ago during Hurricane Ike. On September 13, 2008.”
That hurricane affected parts of Texas, not the Carolinas as Florence did. Cooper then went on to show clips from that broadcast.
“For those who think I was kneeling or faking the water level or making it look worse than it was or standing in some sort of a hole, this is an area where people had been trapped on the roofs of their homes by water,” he said. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who I actually interviewed during this broadcast, called it the largest rescue and recovery operation in Texas state history.”
The 10-year-old clips showed Cooper explaining that the water had been receding. Rather than standing on high ground with the camera crew, Cooper said he wanted to stay out of the way of rescue vehicles and wanted to show viewers how deep the water was. Cooper also pointed out that the African-American man pictured with him in the photo Trump Jr. tweeted died more than a year ago.


So the president’s son is a moronic, conspiracy-loving buffoon. Just goes to show that the fungal spore doesn’t drift far from the ‘shroom.


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