Don Jr. posts barmy video claiming his dad played Putin and other dictators 'like a fiddle'

Donald Trump Jr. is at it again, folks. 

Hats off to whoever managed to sandblast the flop sweat and happy powder from Patrick Bateman Trump Jr.’s face before he hit “record” on his latest video. Otherwise, this whole spectacle could have been borderline embarrassing.

I sense that Junior would prefer to spend his days launching drone strikes at herds of sanctuary elephants from atop the world’s largest berm of cocaine, but his dad wasn’t in office quite long enough to make that legal, so he has to resort to gormless jibber-jabber, which he happily did in a five-minute video posted to Facebook Watch on Thursday morning.

This is equal parts sad, funny, and grotesque—so buckle in!

  • March 10, 2022