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Don Jr. excoriates his dad in new MeidasTouch ad

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I can only assume Junior was actually trying to drag Joe Biden, but everything he says fits the ocher abomination to a T. 




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I don’t know if you can run a presidential campaign based entirely on projection, but the MAGAs are sure gonna try. 

To review: The Trump campaign’s No. 1 strategy appears to be painting Joe Biden as an old man with dementia who says inappropriate things and is incompetent in a crisis. Oh, and he’s corrupt. And creepy. So, so creepy.

Yup. That’s really where they’re going with this.

They should just say Biden can’t walk down a ramp without looking like an elderly seal being retired from the circus.

This will be interesting. The projection is already off the charts, and now Don Sr. seems to be pinning all his hopes on defending the statues of people who fought to destroy the country so they could continue “owning” human beings.

Guess “I Neglected a Pandemic That’s Killed 138,000 Americans and Counting” isn’t much of a reelection slogan.

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