Dominion CEO: Mike 'MyPillow Guy' Lindell lawsuit is 'definitely not the last'

The CEO of Dominion Voting Systems—which is either a nondescript electronic voting company or a Borg-like collection of sentient machines powered by Hugo Chavez’s ghost, depending on whom you ask—is clearly done playing games. But what he’s not done doing is suing the pants off his company’s detractors. (Not literally, of course. I mean, the company sued Rudy Giuliani, and the one thing you want to leave that guy with is pants. Can you imagine what’s going on under there? His urologist probably needs a sword and mirror shield, like he’s skulking into Medusa’s lair or something.)

Turns out you can’t just make up brutally dishonest fables about a company that’s minding its own business and contributing to the most secure election in American history.

Go figure.

Anyway, don’t expect the lawsuits to stop flying because—you know—these people are awful.

  • February 25, 2021