Doesn't He Have a Blue Suit? Sean Spicer Cements His Legacy on “Dancing With The Stars”.


Sean Spicer’s tenure as W.H. Press Secretary got off to a rocky start, lying for his lying master about the size of his inaugural crowd.

True to his nature Spicer’s boss drumpf didn’t give a whit about the lies or embarrassing Spicer by bullying him into telling whoppers.

Instead he zeroed in on Spicer’s garb, hating on his earth tone suit and famously asking “Doesn't He Have a Blue Suit?”

The viewers of last night’s Dancing With the Stars had to be asking the same thing when he showed up wearing this…

Washington Post

“Dancing With the Stars” had more controversy than usual leading up to its Season 28 premiere Monday night. Last month, when ABC announced that President Trump’s former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was joining the cast, outrage erupted on social media that the falsehood-prone former administration official would have a chance to repair his image on a powerful TV platform.”

I don’t think much repair was going on, the routine was more than cringe worthy:

As a matter of fact Spicer and his unfortunate partner finished dead last.

“(12) Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold (salsa, judge scores: 4, 4, 4 for a total of 12 out of 30 points)

Performance: Arnold bluntly stated that Spicer’s dancing ability is at a “pre pre-school level” and it showed. You know it’s bad when Goodman barely says anything except “I admire your courage coming on this show.” Tonioli and Inaba went with “strangely entertaining.” “There were some elements of salsa there,” Tonioli said doubtfully. “Not always on time or on rhythm.”

Now, please, Sean, slither back into obscurity where you belong, and take that shirt with you.

I think this Twitter user, comedian Mike Shea, speaks for us all:


  • September 17, 2019