Does Kavanaugh friend's yearbook entry help confirm Swetnick's story?

It’s difficult to see unless you click on the tweet below, but the entry the little yellow hand is pointing to says “Killer Qs and 151.” It’s from the Georgetown Prep yearbook entry of Brett Kavanaugh’s friend and classmate Donald Urgo.

Seems pretty cryptic, but there’s a possible (and surprisingly compelling) explanation that ties directly to Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick’s affidavit.

Swetnick alleged — in an account Kavanaugh described as being “from the Twilight Zone” — that she attended parties, which Kavanaugh also attended, where boys spiked the punch with “drugs and/or grain alcohol,” and she further claimed she was raped after being drugged with “Quaaludes or something similar.”

While this yearbook entry is obviously not proof of anything, it doesn’t take a great mental leap to wonder whether “Qs” stands for Quaaludes and “151” for Bacardi 151, an extremely high-alcohol-content rum.

See for yourself:

And here’s more from Ryan Grim, the D.C. bureau chief at The Intercept:


Sure, maybe “Killer Qs and 151” is a drinking game involving adolescent farting and a single Amstel Light sipped over the course of a long evening spent pumping weights with Tobin and Squi, but it could be more sinister. A lot more.

There’s simply no way to know unless, well, the FBI actually does a thorough investigation.

But what are the chances of that happening?


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