A phalanx of supposed adults assembled in Brookfield, Wisconsin, yesterday to protest Gov. Tony Evers’ Safer at Home policy. They stood shoulder to shoulder, and there appeared to be far more pro-Trump signs than masks. (If I were a Trump supporter I’d wear a mask even if we weren’t in the middle of a deadly pandemic, but that’s just me.

A doctor named Mario Ademaj, who’s working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis in America, was not amused, and he took to Facebook to register his disgust over a video of the protest:

As a doctor, this is a stab in the back. This scene is from today in Wisconsin, recorded a few minutes away from the clinic where I work to treat and care for patients who may have coronavirus. For a minute, I need everyone to set all your political bullshit differences aside and just think about what this is doing! We are in the middle of a pandemic in America, we have the highest number of infections and deaths in the world, we have many hospitals that have been overwhelmed due to the battle with COVID19 where we don’t have enough ventilators or even hospital beds to treat patients, we have run out of protective equipment for our healthcare workers, we have run out of space in the hospital morgues in places like Detroit forcing us to pile up dead bodies in hallways and storage rooms, we have had numerous healthcare professionals (nurses and doctors) die for caring for patients infected with COVID19. This is how you want to repay us? You want to make a thank you post on your facebook dedicated to us as your “healthcare heroes” but at the same time do this and risk not only your lives, but all of our lives as well? I know I’ll be seeing many of these individuals in a week or two in my own clinic due to coronavirus because of these careless actions, and don’t worry my colleagues and I will still continue to risk our lives to care for you when we do. We as doctors and nurses dont want your thanks on social media, we dont want your store discounts, we dont want anything other than to protect all of you! This is how you repay us?? I dont care if you’re a Democrat or a Republic, and neither does the coronavirus, and the fact that people are trying to make a political statement by going outside in large crowds like this putting their lives at risk and our society in danger is infuriating. I feel absolutely demoralized seeing this video as a doctor on the frontlines. I feel betrayed. This was a stab in the back to all the people working nonstop across America to care for you, your sick grandparents, your children. You have gathered to try and make a statement to your political rivals, but instead you have stabbed all those that wear white coats in the back. All we want is for you to he healthy, for our society to be normal again, for America to be the greatest country on earth, for people to be happy. But we can only do so much as doctors and nurses, the rest is in your hands. It’s not too late, we may have taken one step back today, but please let this post open your eyes to who you’re actually hurting. Tomorrow let’s work together to take two steps forward, please?

Here’s some video of the Brookfield protest (it’s not the same video Ademaj was responding to, but it’s nevertheless representative of the rampant fucknuttery that took place yesterday):

So thanks a lot, protesters. Weeks and weeks of progress undone after just a few days of the Diaper Rebellion. I haven’t seen anyone this angry since my mom tried to put my little brother down for his nap.

Oh, and enjoy the ICU! I’m sure Donald Trump will be right there at your side as your lungs turn to sponge cake.

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