Do Nothing…Code for Kill em all and let God sort em out.

Republicans…..Americans… you not realize you are in danger.   Michael Cohen said Trump spoke and obviously acts in code.   It does not take a code expert to figure out his question to McCarthy about loyalty and his election that prompted…Who the F do you think you are talking to?   Now that answer has me scratching my head.  What does McCarthy have on Trump rather than the other way around?  That is the kind of thing an authority figures such as a parent askes their rebellious teenager.

McCarthy yells at Trump and then flies down to Florida.  Why?  What was exchanged in words or deeds?

There is some sort of coordination to taking down America and who the hell was running America and trying to incite a civil war and trying to make President Biden illegitimate?  

How many senators are involved in all of this? 

The danger did not end when President Biden was inaugurated; Trump still has not conceded.  He said himself after the insurrection, this was just the beginning.  

He refuses to be referred to as anything but 45.  He is a glaring monster but someone or a lot of someones are standing with him for whatever he or they know.   From the day he took office and started tearing down institutions and attacking media, he was trying to kill America as we know it.  People he attacked, suddenly started becoming his greatest defenders.   Something serious and dangerous is going on here.

Am I alone thinking this is deeper and more dangerous than cult thinking?  WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING with this bunch?  The man is not pulling all these strings and what power does he possess to instill such fear?  It is naive to think if acquited which I believe he will, is going to embold the cult followers.

Be safe.

  • February 13, 2021