Do Not Send your kid to school. Find another way to educate them other than public arenas.

There is a diary on here which is very good about Betsy No nothing and it is good.…

I am a parent, grandparent and great grandparent.  I know kids.   I have raised enough of them to know them.

We know we have a shortage of teachers and we do not need to lose anymore and anyone who thinks opening schools is safe has never spent any real time with elementary school or middle school or even high school kids.  Look at it this way.

People who do not care about kids in cages, do not care about kids in petrie dishes.

First of all if you do not mandate uniform masks, then throw the mask idea out the window.   Even that won’t work.   You may send your kid to school with a Batman mask and they come home wearing Harry Potter mask.

Kids like to get up in your face to be heard.  They like to spew when they talk and they are loud.   They like to wipe their noses on their sleeves and they love to hug you and hate to wash their hands.

They like to pick their noses and some like to wipe their boogers on each other for fun.

Kids do not like to get up early in the morning so there is a lot of tugging or pulling off covers while they get in a parent’s face or grandparent and whine and cry and are most irritable and if not in that manner, then hug and kiss because they want to sleep.  They know absolutely nothing and I mean a big huge 0 about social distance.

They like to eat each other’s lunches.  They like to grab and play and touch everything they can.  Most kids love to share hugs, bugs ( including lice) and hats and don’t think they won’t share masks.  They throw spitballs and it only takes one to throw a spitball or do any of these things to infect others.   They like to shove and push and the teacher or parent has to get inbetween  and be referee as much as teaching.  A teacher or parent has to collect things that every kid in class has touched out of curious little minds.  They may have all shared a spit filled glass of something shiny… ( just an example )  If they get gold stars, they all are going to pass their star filled paper around and some are going to kiss their stars.

I do not know what these people pushing back to school are thinking but it is not security and health for our children or general population.  You cannot send your kid to school with lice although many parent do and many do not even treat a lice problem when nurses send the kid home.  The nurses inspect kids..What about these school nurses?  They are in close contact as well.

They will not let your kid go to school with cooties but insist they come to school to infect parents and teachers with a deadly virus.  WTH !

Do not send your child or grandchild to a public arena that is called school.

Betsy no nothing probably knows as much about kids as she knows about education. Nothing.

Our children and grandchildren are the future.   I guess the nanny forgot to tell Trump and these ignorant locals about wiping boogers on each other for fun, or the inability for kids to understand you can’t share or not hug.

Be your own best advocate because we have no leadership.  Sacrifices were made in other wars and protecting our kids should not even be a sacrifice.  It is common sense.  You may have to downsize completely your lifestyle, your work, or whatever, but your first responsibility is to take care of the kids and your own well being.

Do not, I implore you to send your kid back to school.

These children are older, what do you think  is happening with 1st graders on social distance?

  • August 2, 2020