The Disney Company will stop paying another 43,000 workers this week, according to USA today. Disney normally employs 79,000 workers in Orlando, Florida but only a staff of 200 will continue to work in the park.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Walt Disney World plans to stop paying wages to 43,000 workers in about a week while allowing them to keep their benefits for up to a year in what is the largest wave of furloughs since the theme park resort closed in mid-March because of the new coronavirus spread.

Workers will be able to keep their medical, dental and life insurance benefits for the length of the furlough period, or up to a year…

Coronavirus Disney furloughs 43,000 more employees

Other attractions, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando also closed their gates last month because of the coronavirus. SeaWorld said it had furloughed 90% of its workers.

Of course there are enormous numbers of others losing their employment as hotels, cafes, and lesser known attractions have shut their doors in normally tourist rich Florida.

Unfortunately for Florida residents, former Republican Governor (and current Senator) Rick Scott deliberately trashed Florida’s unemployment system.…

The system apparently was designed to limit benefit intakes so state officials could tout lower unemployment numbers which would ultimately mean fewer unemployment taxes would be paid by Florida companies, officials said.

Donald Trump’s newly adopted home state is going to be one of the hardest hit by his recession. In 2016, he won the state by about 113,000 votes or 1.3%.…

Most Americans give their state’s governor high marks for their handling of the pandemic, according to polls by Morning Consult, Monmouth, and Quinnipiac, but not Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has dropped from 58% approval last fall to 51% despite getting all the help from Trump that the state is requesting, according to the Morning Consult Poll.

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