Disgraced televangelist is now using his show to warn about literal zombies

Jim Bakker Show (Aired on April 6th 2021) The Supernatural: More Natural Than You Might Think Day 2

You may remember Jim Bakker from his ‘80s sex scandal, his subsequent financial scandal, his fake coronavirus-cure scandal, and his giant bucket of pancake mix, without which you’re sure to face a far less delicious apocalypse than God intends for you.

So you might think anyone who still listens to—much less believes—Bakker is especially gullible. And you’d be so, so right.

The latest? Bakker’s not fucking around anymore, folks. We’re talking straight-up zombies, yo. On Tuesday’s episode of Let’s Watch the Skin Boil Off All the Heathens While We Enjoy These Tasty Flapjacks, Bakker welcomed funnyman Steve Quayle to discuss demons, aliens and “diseases that are designed to initiate cannibalism in human beings.”

  • April 6, 2021
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