Dinesh D'Souza taunts Blue States on COVID-19 infections & wanting handouts.

Denish D'Sousa gave an ill-advised rant on Fox News where he taunted Blue States about the spread of COVID-19 being much worse than in the Red States. Soon he may regret making coronavirus a Red State vs Blue State issues.

D'Souza will likely regret taunting the Blue States

While D'Souza may be correct in the short term, that will likely not be the case as Louisiana, Florida, and other states like Tennessee start to see the effects.

In fact, Louisiana is experiencing the highest COVID-19 case increase in the world in the first few weeks as reported in USA Today.

Louisiana is in one of the most dire situations amid the COVID-19 outbreak, with the fastest growth rate of the virus in the world — and beginning Monday at 5 p.m. CT, a stay-at-home order will go into effect for the state. …

What’s the quickest way to return to a sense of normalcy?

Flattening the curve — and you can do that by staying home, only leaving when absolutely necessary while following the restrictions spelled out in the order.

Louisiana has 837 confirmed cases and 20 confirmed deaths in 36 of state’s 64 parishes, with most concentrated in the New Orleans metro area.

Many doctors are begging Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to do the responsible thing as was done in Kentucky to order residents to stay home.

A group of Tennessee doctors urged Gov. Bill Lee Sunday afternoon to order Tennesseans to stay at home to fight the spread of COVID-19, a virus that has infected more than 500 people statewide, and to limit business operations to essential services.

Their pleas to Lee came hours after he mandated restaurants and bars to limit their operations to delivery and take-out and told gyms to close. He also instructed residents to limit gatherings to 10 people, but he did not go as far as other governors who have called for a non-essential businesses to close and for residents to stay home.

“The stay-at- home order is so important,” Dr. Aaron Milstone, pulmonary and critical care physician at Williamson Medical Center, said in an online press conference. “For a number of weeks to shelter at home or be safe at home is one of our only chances to mitigate the spread of the virus.”

The doctors said they nearly 2,000 health care workers in Tennessee signed a petition for shelter-in-place orders, along with 7,000 residents.

Tennessee's irresponsibility is evident with a UK grad's graph comparing neighboring state Kentucky whose rate diverged from Tennessee's rate of infection when Kentucky did the responsible thing.

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