Did you watch the Olympics?

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I enjoyed the Olympics, or what little NBC bothered to air of the Olympics. We were stuck mostly with talking heads and human interest stories. How many times did I see a medal ceremony? I can count them on one hand.

It's over until 2014 when we have the next winter Olympics. At least the mascots look like something recognizable.

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The Snow Leopard was added because President Putin likes them. Notice he's not cute and fuzzy.

While the Olympics were going on of course the United States couldn't stop trying to steal the show, like landing on Mars. I'm a big space nerd so landing on Mars was a huge distraction from shitty Olympics coverage courtesy of NBC.

Not to be outdone by NBC with disappointing their viewers as much as possible, CBS decided to interview the Mormon Cyborg Mittens Romney with his new running mate Eddie Munster Paul “Have you read my Ayn Rand dystopian slash fanfic yet?” Ryan last night. Bob Schieffer sat down with the pair and it didn't take long before Romney literally handed Bob the opportunity to expose his campaign for the train wreck it is: “Believe it or not I'm a policy guy, I love policy. I like solving big problems and we've got some big problems in places like Syria, Egypt, Iran.”

You see that? I'm not a journalist with Bob Schieffer's experience or skills and I can see the next question he needs to ask. Does he?

cricket chirp

Well?  Come on Bob!

That's right, the obvious question is never asked. “And what is your policy on Syria, Egypt, Iran?”

It's hard to believe this is the same network that brought down Joe McCarthy when they interviewed Milo Radulović. Network news in the 21st century ladies and gentlemen, giving us blue balls because they've lost theirs.

  • August 13, 2012
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