Donald Trump praised a dog named Conan today for “his” role in the successful raid on ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

It could have been a sweet moment remembered fondly by all those who’ve somehow forgotten Trump is a steaming pile of tauntaun carcass who has never cared about a sentient being other than himself in his life.

Oh, but no. Trump can ruin even the most vanilla photo op with his unnecessarily generous portion of bullshit sprinkles.

After seemingly correcting Trump, who had referred to Conan as a “he,” regarding the dog’s gender, White House officials later backtracked and said, no, Trump was right: The dog is actually male.


That very well could be, Glenn Kessler!



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I really don’t want to know what Donald Trump is going to do with his Sharpie after this hits the evening news. (Or his Shar-Pei, for that matter.)

So let’s just move on to the next rancid morsel of cray-cray, shall we?

UPDATE: To be fair, Trump may have been right all along. At least one commenter has said it was “apparent” that the dog was male. I didn’t see the clip myself. But 1) isn’t it scary that almost everyone (including The Washington Post’s fact-checker) thought the White House could be lying to cover up yet another Trump error? And 2) I thought the White House was a well-oiled machine. How difficult is it to determine the gender of a dog?

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