Did we just live through a Dr. Strangelove moment. Having an incompetent president just got real


I’ve been wracking my brain. Has this ever happened before? A false alarm nuclear attack.  I may be wrong but I can’t remember such an incident.  I am close to sixty.  I called other relatives who lived through the heart of the Cold War.  They can’t remember. May we are just compartmentalizing. Maybe it was just they hid it better in the old, pre 24/7 news days. But one thing I am pretty certain about, this is not a simple Ooops.  Not a simple somebody is having a bad day.  It takes steps for something like this to happen.  NORAD is air force (I had to look that up). The air force is full of dominionists and other crazy religious people (why have we stopped talking about this). Was somebody trying to get Trump to panic and order a retaliatory strike. It’s not something we want to think about but I think the possibilities are real.

The reaction suggests Trump was not immediately alerted — as he should have been. My guess is it probably went through Mattis who kept his head. But that’s why the response took so long. He had to get in touch with people he trusted at NORAD and then he had to tell the president before they could publicly say it was a false alarm. So Trump didn’t have a chance to overreact and destroy the world. I don’t know but this seems the most likely explanation, at least to the reaction to the alert.

From here on in Trump can spend as much time on the golf course as he wants.  We should have a GoFundMe page for his green frees.  And Stanley Kubrick may have been less a movie maker and more a biblical prophet.  Ride that fiery chariot through the sky Stan!!!