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Did they fill my script with tainted cancer-causing drugs? FDA? Hello?

I am currently taking about 11 different drugs.  Two drugs are for fighting prostate cancer.  The other nine drugs are for treating the side effects of the cancer drugs, including high blood pressure.

I filled a script for losartan potassium, my blood pressure medicine, in December, 2018.  But in July, 2018, the FDA had already begun announcing voluntary recalls of certain batches of losartan.  

Apparently the manufacturers were reusing solvents, which created a cancer-causing impurity that tainted the medicine.  The impurity is a carcinogen called NDEA, or N-nitrosodiethylamine.

No one told me about the recalls.  They filled my script.  In the last two months, the FDA announced even more recalls of losartan.  I looked on my pill bottle to see if it was from a recalled “lot number,”   but the bottle said the “lot” was N/A.

Many of us have written about how the government shutdown affected many people; lost paychecks, delayed benefits, refused services, and a needless economic dislocation.

I wonder now if I was also an unknowing victim of the government closure.  Did the shutdown force the FDA to curtail services such as an expanded recall of carcinogen-tainted drugs, like the one I’ve been unknowingly and involuntarily taking?

I’m posting a lotus flower for the purposes of meditation, so that I don’t call up the pharmacy and start cussing non stop at some poor clerk.

I will also resort to some Oregon local remedies for calming down.  I’m very angry.

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