Did Nikki Haley resign over Trump's mockery of Dr. Ford?

It would make sense — or a lot more sense, anyway, than Haley’s own tortured explanations for stepping down. (She believes in term limits? She’s been on the job for two years!)

Haley’s resignation came out of the blue, and it caught everyone who knows anything about politics or international relations by surprise.

It could simply be that her boss is a fluorescent fuckwit, and she’d finally had enough. But why now? Right before the midterms?

Well, here’s one tantalizing — and very compelling — explanation:


Now that would make sense.

She’s a woman, after all. And who knows what kind of harassment and/or assault she’s endured? In a September 23 interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, she said it’s not appropriate to second-guess an accuser’s story:

“The message I'm comfortable with is that accusers go through a lot of trauma and some handle it one way and some handle it the other way,” Haley told CNN's “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper. “Regardless, you never — it's not something that we want to do, to blame the accuser or to try and second guess the accuser. We don't know the situation she was going through 35 years ago. We don't know the circumstances.”

So what did Trump do at his Mississippi rally? He didn’t just second-guess Dr. Ford, he did it in the most belittling, condescending way imaginable.

One day later, Haley drew up her resignation.

It must take a lot to show up for work every day when your boss is a pig who continually does piggish things in the most pigheaded way possible. In fact, Haley herself has been the target of Trump’s famous witlessness.

And if you have options, the most obvious and human response to such swinery is to say, “I don’t need this shit.”

It’s a good bet that Haley did just that.


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