There are many reasons, some self-inflicted, why Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College. But this type of Chuck Todd coddling is one of them.

Chuck Todd just has that GOP coddling built into his psyche

Watch the full episode here.

When one finds themselves in the position where Trump's former sycophant is the one giving the compelling argument to be fearless in admonishing the president's degeneracy, maybe it is time to reevaluate. Does Chuck Todd not understand that his words or questioning can give plausibility to a sick narrative?

As one listens to the question, the blood boils. Especially when there are more important questions to ask, this wastes precious air time.

“Are you at all concerned that there will be a pile on aspect of this,” Chuck Todd asked as Trump attacks are coming from all directions. “And that somehow he is able to successfully turn this into a victimization?”

I guess one should commit as many crimes as possible because if they commit too little the victimization card from being called out cannot be used. Is that silly or what?

We know the outcomes of this president's crimes, misdeeds, and dereliction of duty. And because many like Chuck Todd, instead of calling these out to the max from the primary days, have allowed the beast to grow, Trump got more potent with a base the media helped create.

Anthony Scaramucci would have none of it. He said, of course, the president will attempt to make it seem like a manipulated hit job. But Scaramucci used an important word, “explain.” In other words, Americans are not dumb. If one explains to the American people instead of allowing the purveyors of lies and misinformation from using them as their platform, they will get it, and most would vote appropriately.

One wonders where this concern was when Hillary was running. We might have gotten those 80,000 votes for both a popular-vote and Electoral College win.

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