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DHS secretary gets tripped up when CBS asks him about his fascist Portland move.


DHS Secretary Chad Wolf was tripped while being questioned by the CBS host. He better be careful as Trump may fire him for using the wrong words. Great journalism on the part of the CBS host.

CBS host trips up DHS secretary

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It is clear Portland was completely a political move. Even in the wording that the Wolf uses proves that.

The Secretary insisted that they have the right to be in Portland. The following exchange was probative.

“Why do you think they don't want you, Mr. Secretary,” the CBS host asked.

“Again, I think there is confusion on what we are doing in Portland,” the DHS Secretary said. “We are there to protect the federal courthouse. … What makes Portland so different from any other country. We protect almost 9,000 facilities across the country. Portland is the only city where a protester can. I am sorry a violent criminal can stand on the other side of the street and lob a Molotov cocktail at the courthouse and have and there is no repercussion for that.”

Notice that he made a mistake. He mistakenly told the truth and called the people they are violating by the proper description, protesters.

The CBS host told the Secretary that two past Republican DHS Secretaries said the federal goons are being misused.. This unqualified former lobbyist turned DHS Secretary said they were wrong.

When asked what commanding orders he gave to his secret police he said none. He gave them no direction. In other words, he is covering his ass. It is clear this invasion of Portland is solely a political move by the president and his administration. We must ensure it fails.

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