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DFA Keeps Up The Call For Gov. Ralph Northam's (D. VA) Resignation

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:

Ralph Northam has to go. Will you sign our emergency petition calling on him to step down immediately?

On Friday, the Governor of Virginia publicly confirmed that he appeared in a racist photo on his individual page in his 1984 medical school yearbook.

In 2017, we expressed profound concern about the some of the racist positions and actions that Ralph Northam's campaign adopted when he ran for Governor. Now, after his confirmation this evening of the photograph and his past actions, it’s clear that Ralph Northam has no business remaining Governor of Virginia.

Whether this happened yesterday or thirty-five years ago, the Democratic Party of 2019 has no place for people in positions of power with a history of these types of racist actions.

If you agree, sign our emergency petition calling on Ralph Northam to resign now.

Thanks for taking action,

– Charles

Charles Chamberlain, Chair
Democracy for America

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