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DFA Goes All In To Help The Wisconsin Democratic Party Flip The State Blue In 2020


Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:

There’s no other way to say it, Samuel —

Wisconsin is a make or break state for 2020. Multiple Democratic presidential candidates have visited here. And next year, the Democratic Convention will kick off in Wisconsin.

Don’t believe it? Check out these headlines:

Josh Marshall wrote on Talking Points Memo, “The entire election probably comes down to who wins Wisconsin.”

Brian Reisinger, a GOP strategist, told The New Yorker that he considers Wisconsin the “top battleground state in the most crucial region in the country for both sides.”

A forecaster from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report said, “AZ & WI strike me as the likeliest to be decisive 'tipping point' states.”

We've got less than one year until Democrats officially choose a nominee. So for the next couple months the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is building a massive grassroots field program to stop Trump and the GOP in the most fiercely contested, tipping-point battleground state in the country.

Make no mistake: the 2020 election will come down to what happens in Wisconsin. Can you split $5 or more between the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and DFA to help us build the campaign we'll need to stop Trump and the GOP?

The GOP is sparing no expense in building its Wisconsin operation. Plus, Trump has a big advantage: as the incumbent, he’s building his campaign right now — and raising millions of dollars — while Democrats are duking it out in early primary states instead.

But we're working with the WI Democratic Party on a massive field plan to stop Trump and the GOP:

The model is based on Obama's campaigns in 2008 and 2012 and Bernie’s successful strategy to win the Wisconsin Primary in 2016. Here’s the core idea: don't hire organizers to recruit volunteers to knock on doors. Instead, hire field organizers to build neighborhood teams that can recruit and organize volunteers themselves. Oh.. and you start now. Early. Not just a few months before Election Day.

Grassroots organizing is like planting trees. The earlier you start building them, the bigger and stronger they get — and the more they multiply — by election day.

Need more data to help put you over the top? This is the same plan — only bigger — that the Wisconsin Party used to defeat Scott Walker in the midterms, spending a year and a half organizing 250 neighborhood teams across the state. To stop Trump and the Republicans in 2020, we'll need to grow much, much bigger:

Can you chip in $5 now to help us build the biggest grassroots campaign Wisconsin has ever seen — and tip this battleground state toward Democrats in 2020?

We have less than 365 days until the Democratic Convention begins. Let's use them wisely — and go on offense.

Thanks for all you do,


Charles Chamberlain, Chair
Democracy for America

PS: If the Trump reelection campaign is the Death Star, Wisconsin is the secret ventilator shaft that can blow up the whole thing. Aim your fire here. Can you make a contribution now? Click this link to make a donation.

Click here to donate to DFA & the Wisconsin Democratic Party.