The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, ladies and gentlemen:



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“And you notice how, when they win elections, the Russians didn’t do anything? So if the Russians supposedly, and Putin, only like Republicans, why did they let the Republicans lose the House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi won last time? And this is just, it’s never going to stop, because they don’t have any other issues, it seems like.”

Spoken like a man who sues pretend internet cows.

Anyone want to help Devin out with his conundrum? Maybe the Russians aren’t all-powerful? Maybe we still have some semblance of control over our elections, no thanks to, erm, Republicans? Or, more likely, maybe Devin Nunes wants to blow as much smoke as he possibly can to keep people from noticing what’s really going on.

And this on the same day we found out that U.S. intelligence officials told Congress that Russia intends to meddle in the 2020 election on behalf of Trump.

So for the second time we’re about to be attacked by a hostile foreign power that wants to embed a confirmed idiot in the highest office in our land, and for the second time Republicans refuse to do squat about it.


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