Deutsche Bank Seems to Have Misplaced drumpf's Tax Returns. Right.

How convenient.

Washington Post

“President Trump’s biggest lender has told an appeals court it does not have in its possession Trump’s personal tax returns, according to a ruling released Thursday in a legal battle between Congress and the president.

The disclosure came in an order from the New York-based appeals court, which is considering whether Trump can block subpoenas from two House committees seeking years of his personal financial documents from Deutsche Bank and Capital One. The lawsuit, which preceded the House impeachment inquiry, is one of several the president has filed to try to block access to his business data.….

…As part of its investigation into foreign influences on the president, the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees have subpoenaed the two banks for years of financial documents — including tax returns — from the president, his three eldest children and the president’s companies.

A redacted version of the letter previously made public showed that Deutsche Bank did possess tax records responsive to Congress’s subpoena. But the redacted letter did not identify by name whose records it has.

Deutsche Bank “reports that the only tax returns it has for individuals or entities named in the subpoenas are not those of the President,” according to the opinion from Judge Jon O. Newman, who was joined by Judges Peter W. Hall and Debra Ann Livingston.”



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I smell a big dead rat on this one.