Desperate measures: Republicans pull every trick (and every power cord) to suppress black vote

Stacey Abrams shouldn’t just not concede, but her campaign should also sue for election fraud and corruption. Brian Kemp, the man overseeing the elections, who happens to be Abrams’ GOP opponent, has been over the top with his voter suppression tactics. He’s tried everything from blocking tens of thousands of legitimate voter applications to invalidating mail-in ballots. But this is a new low, even for him.

After the polls opened in a minority district, people couldn’t vote because the machines weren’t working. Why? No power cords were provided for the voting machines.

Hundreds of voters were stuck in line at one Georgia precinct on Tuesday after election officials failed to provide power cords for the voting machines.

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Hundreds of voters had to wait up to 4.5 hours to vote because the electronic voting machines ran out of battery power. Yet at least they had voting machines.

A precinct in metro Atlanta was given just THREE voting machines! Hundreds of people waited hours in line to vote. In fact, waiting for hours was the norm, if you were unfortunate enough to be in a black district on Election day.

For some reason, rural areas with less people had more machines. I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason for that.

Democrats had a lot to celebrate on election night. We won the (heavily-gerrymandered) House, several legislatures, and a few governor’s seats. Suburban women left the GOP in droves, and there is now a record number of women and minority elected officials. The GOP, on the other hand, can celebrate the pending victories they stole in Georgia and Florida, thanks to racist attacks and their extensive voter suppression tactics. No matter what they tell you, they know this is a losing strategy for them for the long-term.

Like it or not, America is changing. We are becoming more diverse and more progressive. If the right’s response to this is to take power cords from voting machines, they are not in a good place–and are rightfully very, very scared.

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