DeSantis has become the most corrupt governor in the U.S., and is desperate to save Trump

While other Republican governors were either backing the investigation into Donald Trump’s corruption—or at least holding off judgment until more facts are known—Floridians were a tad shocked Thursday when Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his creation of the mafioso-sounding Presidential Protection Fund to raise money to help one Donald J. Trump.  DeSantis insists that he backs Trump “100%” and has a “duty to protect him” despite what he’s done, presenting it as a gubernatorial responsibility.

Again, Floridians were just a tad surprised. After all, of all the swamp creatures in Trump’s orbit, Ron DeSantis is one of the slimiest … so this has been a long time coming. 

Trump’s impeachment inquiry covers his illegal solicitation of foreign help, his bungled attempt to cover it up, and possibly the most damning: the seeking of a quid pro quo before releasing hundreds of millions in aid to a desperate nation, all in return for investigation into one of his primary opponents in the upcoming election. Yet if Trump wanted a lesson in quid pro quo, he need to look no further than his favorite governor.