The polls have been fairly steady showing a Biden Electoral College and popular 'landslide' win. Yet, Democrats are irrationally worried.

Here is why I believe that these actions will determine if we have a landslide win or not. The climate is ripe for that landslide.

We should have a landslide win

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Winning an election isn't easy but we can make it predictable under certain circumstances. While Hillary Clinton's Electoral College “loss” was not expected, it was predicted by many of us. More importantly, if we keep believing that the polls were off by a whole bunch and cannot be trusted given said result, we would not have learned the lesson from 2016.

The fact is that most Americans support the values and policies of Democrats and Progressives and vote that way. Because America is not a Democracy, states that are Republican biased have an unfair advantage which means Democrats must overperform to win.

In this climate, overperformance is easy. But what we cannot do is fall for the false fear the Right is attempting to put into the minds of Democrats and Progressives. It can be corrosive and temper the resolve many have to vote. That is the reason many in polls say they are voting for Biden but think Trump will win.

That is what fear does. It creates an irrational state of mind that clouds objectivity.

If Democrats and Progressives vote in their numbers, voter suppression, Russian collusion, and other tricks will not be enough to rig the election. We need to stop pushing fear and push the resolve to attain a landslide. Our narrative should be that we want a landslide, not just a win so that we can get real middle-class centric policy effected.

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