Democrats need to prepare Americans for a Trump-induced financial meltdown

History has clearly shown that Democrats are continuously left to clean up the economic mess of Republican administrations. And in the process, like President Obama in 2010, Democrats pay the price for the pain as they rebuild from the latest financial meltdown.

While Republicans will lie about supposed consequences of Democratic policies (death panels, throwing grandma over the cliff, long waiting lines and times for health care, socialism, etc.) to block them, Democrats tend to be more high-minded and truthful. What we are poor at is providing a proactive narrative.

I hate to talk about this during the holidays, but I must. It is said that one must not discuss religion or politics during gatherings, especially in these times. However, I think one should make an exception to discuss policies or events that affect the financial security of one’s family and friends.

My good friend Tim Danahey, a former Coffee Party USA colleague and a strong supporter of my show Politics Done Right, sent me an urgent email. I had been following the subject in the background, and one of my KPFT listeners, MOD, had been bringing it up. When MOD, Tim, and PDR intersect on a subject, I think it warrants a show.

“You need to cover this story, Tim said: Trump and the Stock Market Are the Winners in the Fed’s Repo Loan Binge; Here’s the Losers.

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